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Audio Transfer Service: Convert Audio Files

Audio Conversion Services by Current Pixel

Current Pixel provides professional audio transfer services that can handle virtually all your audio conversion needs. Convert audio cassette tapes, reel to reel, and CDs to high-quality digital files, like MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, Lossless, and Apple Lossess. For over three decades, Current Pixel has been a leading provider of professional media conversion services and is especially recognized for its audio and video transfer capabilities. Current Pixel helps customers from all over the U.S. convert old and outdated media into an accessible digital format that suits their needs.  

Audio Transfer Services by Current Pixel

Our vast array of audio conversion services and equipment can convert many consumer and professional audio formats to CD or MP3 digital files. Plus, all our audio transfer work is done in-house here in our Atlanta facility, so you can rest easy knowing that your precious memories are being well taken care of, and aren’t being shipped off to a third-party company or another country to be processed.

Transfer Audio Tapes to Digital and Make Memories Last

Just think of it, now you can take the classics with you anywhere by converting your old audio formats. After we transfer your records, audio cassettes or reel-to-reel tapes to CDs or MP3 files, you’ll be able to enjoy them on CD players, computers and mobile devices.

Types of Audio Formats we can Transfer:

At Current Pixel, we can convert most types of audio to CD or digital files, including:

Why Choose Current Pixel’s Audio Transfer Service?

Once you’ve decided that it is time to transfer audio tapes, records, and reels to digital, Current Pixel will take it from there. We understand it’s important for our customers to know their memories are safe throughout the process because old audio formats are very precious, so we handle them with the utmost care. That’s why all our audio transfer services are performed by Current Pixel personnel at our facility in Atlanta, GA, and not outsourced to a third party. Shipping to us? Rest assured that your order will receive top priority and be handled with meticulous care.  A Current Pixel representative will contact you once we receive your order to let you know that it arrived and to go over your order with you.  We will also contact you when the order is complete and ready to be shipped back to you.  Contact us today to get started with your order and see why tens of thousands of customers have trusted Current Pixel for over 34 years! We take pride in the personalized service we provide and are happy to answer any of your questions along the way. Contact Current Pixel for all your audio transfer needs and you’ll rest easy knowing your tapes are in the caring hands of one of our audio conversion experts.

Audio Conversion to Digital with Current Pixel

Audio Transfer Customer Testimonials

“I have been using the services of Current Pixel for many years, and they have been consistently and extraordinarily helpful. My daughter is a classical singer, and we initially had them transfer audio from tapes and video cameras – always with great success. Current Pixel has also been extremely helpful in transferring some very old and rare records of poetry readings to CDs, which has made the recordings far more accessible. Nowadays, I am asking Current Pixel to create CDs and DVDs of audio recordings and videos from iPhones and Dropbox accounts. I would not be able to recommend them too highly. They do a fantastic job!”

Dorothy Hancock

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