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Convert Cassettes to CD or Digital Files

Cassette Transfer Services by Current Pixel®

If you’re looking to convert cassettes to CD or MP3 digital files, then you’ve come to the right place.  Imagine being able to listen to your band’s demo tapes or greatest hits, those funny recordings you made in your youth, or that coveted limited release from your favorite local artist! Current Pixel® can convert your old cassette tapes into a digital audio version that you can easily access and enjoy.

Convert cassettes to CD or MP3 with Current Pixel

Starting as a locally-focused company based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Current Pixel has over 34 years of experience pioneering the media conversion industry. The company has helped countless customers from all over the U.S. convert cassette tapes, vinyl records, and other forms of media into formats that offer easier accessibility.  So whether you’re looking to preserve an old personal cassette recording or need to digitize your rare music library, convert cassettes with Current Pixel, one of America’s most trusted sources for media conversion services.

Make Your Music Last: Transfer Cassette to CD or MP3 Files

Audio cassette tapes were the go-to method for playing music in the 1980’s, and although they took a back seat after the CD’s rise in popularity in the 1990’s, you may still have a few special cassettes in your collection.

Look around at any major electronics store and you’ll realize that it’s getting harder and harder to find a device that will play cassettes anymore, especially with high-quality sound. The other bad news for cassette lovers is that they were not meant to last a lifetime. The constant winding and rewinding puts strain on the magnetic tape inside causing it to deteriorate over time. The tape itself is also prone to breakage and the felt pressure pads on certain tapes often fall off, rendering the tape unplayable.

MP3 files and CDs, on the other hand, are very durable, easy to store, and if backed up properly will allow you to keep listening to those recordings for generations to come. If you’re still holding on to classic audio formats, it may be time to convert cassette to CD, mp3, or other modern digital audio formats. With Current Pixel, you can convert virtually any cassette to mp3 or CD.

Some of the audio cassette formats that we transfer include:

  • Compact Cassette
  • Microcassette
  • Minicassette

Convert Your Cassettes to MP3 or CD with Current Pixel

Access and listen to your cassette tapes with ease by converting your audio cassettes to digital. We understand it’s important for our customers to know their memories are safe throughout the process because old cassette tapes are very precious, so we handle them with the utmost care. That’s why all our audio transfer services are performed by Current Pixel personnel at our facility in Atlanta, and not outsourced to a third party.

Shipping to us?  Rest assured that your order will receive top priority and be handled with meticulous care. A Current Pixel representative will contact you once we receive your order to let you know that it arrived and to go over your order with you.  We will also contact you when the order is complete and ready to be shipped back to you.  Contact us today to get started with your order and see why tens of thousands of customers have trusted Current Pixel for over 34 years!

We take pride in the personalized service we provide and are happy to answer any of your questions along the way. Contact Current Pixel for all your cassette transfer needs and you’ll rest easy knowing your cassette tapes are in the caring hands of one of our audio transfer experts.  Learn more about converting cassette to MP3 digital files or CD, and contact us for more information. Or check out some of our customer testimonials below.

Cassette Transfer by Current Pixel

Cassette to CD Customer Testimonials

“I have been using the services of Current Pixel for many years, and they have been consistently and extraordinarily helpful. My daughter is a classical singer, and we initially had them transfer audio from tapes and video cameras – always with great success. Current Pixel has also been extremely helpful in transferring some very old and rare records of poetry readings to CDs, which has made the recordings far more accessible. Nowadays, I am asking Current Pixel to create CDs and DVDs of audio recordings and videos from iPhones and Dropbox accounts. I would not be able to recommend them too highly. They do a fantastic job!”

Dorothy Hancock

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