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Ship with Confidence

Ship Confidently to Current Pixel® with FedEx, UPS, or USPSWe love when our local customers visit our store, but did you know you can also ship your orders to us or have us ship your finished products back to you?

Current Pixel has customers from all over the country, and also within driving distance. However, our shipping option is popular with customers no matter where they live. Every customer receives the same personal attention, whether they ship to us or visit our store.

We will walk you through the process including how to properly ship and track your order. We will notify you when we receive your order, and when we ship your finished products back to you.

You can also call us at any time and speak directly to the technician who is working on your order. Contact us today to find out more about our shipping options.

What Our Customers Say About Our Shipping Options:

“Current Pixel is a company that transcends excellence. I needed my 8mm film transferred to DVD and film negatives to digital files. However, I wanted to find a company I could ship my precious memories to with confidence. I’ve tried this before with another company, and it was nerve-wracking since I was unable to speak with the person working on my order in some far away warehouse. I could tell my experience with Current Pixel was going to be different from the first conversation with their friendly staff. They communicate with you through the entire process, and will personally contact you when they receive and ship back your packages. Thanks to Current Pixel I was recently able to share unforgettable memories at my mother’s 86th birthday! I happily recommend Current Pixel to friends and family.”

Kathy Hard

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