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convert vhs tapes novel holiday gifts

The holiday season is fast approaching. And along with the holiday season comes the need for novel gift ideas that truly resonate with friends and loved ones. As you’re thinking about what gifts to bestow upon family and friends this year, look no further than your own VHS collection.

What better gift than unboxing old memories? So many of us have old VHS tapes and home videos stored in boxes and bins, many of which contain precious memories that haven’t been viewed in years.

The great news is that you can convert VHS tapes to digital formats and DVD, making these memories more accessible and share-able with others. Not only do digitized memories make for novel holiday gift ideas, but they deliver lasting value that offers years of enjoyment.

To underscore why so many choose this creative gift idea over other conventional novelty items, here are three reasons to consider converting VHS tapes as gifts this holiday season.

1. Accessibility

When you convert VHS to DVD or even convert your video tapes to digital files, you will finally be able to easily access those memories without worrying about your old VCR eating the tape or finding a new VCR somewhere. As an outdated format, VHS tapes are becoming less convenient to view.

Turning VHS content into DVDs or digital files allows you to easily store DVDs together in one place, and digital files on the cloud or an external harddrive, for quick access whenever you want to watch them. Simply pop a DVD into your computer or DVD player–or watch a digital file on any of your devices!

2. Preservation

What’s more, converting VHS tapes to DVDs and digital files preserves your memories for generations, as your VHS tapes are no longer the only places where you’ll find those precious moments recorded.

VHS tapes were not made to last forever. In fact, the magnetic tape inside deteriorates over time and tends to get ruined inside an old VCR. Though you can always keep your old VHS tapes for posterity, converting them to DVDs and digital files ensures they will stay safe from the deteriorating effects of time.

Moreover, DVDs and digital files are much easier to store and keep safe, while VHS tapes take up much more space and are more exposed to the elements and possible disasters. To make sure your memories stay preserved for as long as possible, consider converting them to DVDs and digital files.

3. Share-ability!

Perhaps most importantly, converting VHS tapes to DVDs and digital files allows you to share those memories with family and friends. 

Watching old footage with friends and family brings back some of the most wonderful (and sometimes hilarious) memories–especially around the holidays!

You can convert your VHS tapes and watch them together with loved ones this holiday season, or even take wrapped DVDs to friends and family members as the most precious possible gifts. 

Imagine the look on your parents’ or grandparents’ faces when you bring them their most-loved footage from times gone by!

If you decide to convert VHS tapes to digital files, you can also share those files via email or on social media channels for family and friends all over the world to easily enjoy.

Whatever your reason for converting your VHS tapes to DVDs or digital files, consider trusting an experienced, professional media conversion company like Current Pixel.

Current Pixel’s staff has decades of experience converting VHS tapes and other media to more updated and accessible formats. Rest assured that all media conversion is completed by Current Pixel staff and is never outsourced to a third party.

You can even ship your VHS tapes to Current Pixel and receive DVDs and digital files of your memories that you will then be able to view and share for years to come.

Call or visit Current Pixel today to take the next step toward converting your VHS tapes to DVDs or digital files and give a novel (and sure-to-be appreciated) holiday gift!