Turn VHS into DVD: Access, Share and Preserve Your Memories
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Turn VHS into DVD

VHS tapes are nostalgic reminders of the 1980s and 90s, and many families have stacks and stacks of them in cabinets or in storage. 

Speaking of nostalgia, many of those old VHS tapes hold precious memories of homemade family videos as well. However, with the VHS format and VHS players quickly becoming obsolete, the opportunity to view home videos on VHS is on the decline. 

Moreover, VHS tapes were not made to last forever. With a lifespan ranging from 10-25 years, VHS tapes are known to deteriorate over time as the tape within this format is rather fragile.

To save the wonderful memories stored on VHS, a great option is to turn your VHS tapes into DVDs. That way, you will have easier access to your memories, be able to share them with family members and friends, and preserve them for generations to come.


First, converting VHS to DVD allows for more convenient access to your content. Rather than finding a way to hook up an old VHS player and worrying that the old player might eat the tape, you can pop a DVD into a DVD player or into your computer for easy viewing. 

DVD players are still widely available for purchase, and most desktops and laptops have options for viewing DVDs–or a special DVD player attachment.

When you decide to convert VHS to DVD, especially with a professional media conversion like Current Pixel, you also usually have the option of saving your content to digital files. Digital files are even easier to access, as they can be stored on your computer, the Cloud, or an external hard drive, and you can watch them whenever you want.


Turning VHS tapes into DVDs will also provide you with the opportunity to share your memories with family members and friends who might want to join in on the nostalgia. 

Simply copy the VHS content onto multiple DVDs and give them out at the next family reunion or gift them to friends and family for special events. 

Digital files are also an option, and with those you can even share your memories using social media platforms. The possibilities are almost endless when you decide to convert VHS media into newer media formats like DVD and digital files.


Perhaps most importantly, though, turning VHS tapes into DVDs will help you preserve your memories for years to come. DVDs are much easier to store and are much more durable than VHS tapes. 

By converting VHS tapes to DVDs, you will have peace of mind knowing that your memories will be safer and much easier to hold onto. If you choose to back up your memories to digital files as well, you can have multiple backups of your content that will last for generations of family members to enjoy.

Converting VHS to DVD with Current Pixel

Current Pixel has decades of experience helping families convert their memories from old media formats like VHS to newer formats like DVD and digital files. With Current Pixel, your conversion project will always be completed by members of our staff–never outsourced to a third party.

Just take a look at our VHS transfer services to find out how you can turn your VHS tapes into DVDs and digital files for easier access, sharing, and preserving. We would be happy to help you keep your memories safe and find fun, new ways of sharing and viewing them with family and friends.