Still Got Old VHS Tapes? Convert Them to Digital with Current Pixel
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convert VHS tapes to DVD DigitalIf you’re like most families today, you are probably holding onto old VHS tapes piling up in a drawer or cabinet, many of which hold footage of precious memories like family vacations and important events like weddings and school performances.

With technology advancing so quickly, though, VHS players are quickly becoming hard to find, and even if you do find them, the quality of the playback is usually lacking. You might have also noticed your VHS tapes deteriorating over time. Don’t worry, though. Your memories can still be saved for you to watch again and again.

Convert VHS Tapes to DVD & Digital Formats

At Current Pixel, we can professionally convert your VHS tapes to DVD and digital formats like MP4 that will stand the test of time and give you the opportunity to relive your memories over and over. Converting your VHS tapes to DVD and digital formats will not only keep your memories safe from deterioration but also allow you to watch them anywhere, at your convenience.

With digital files, you can watch your memories on any device you own, from your computer to your smart phone or tablet. You can even share your memories on social media with friends and family! With a DVD, you can provide an easily watchable version of precious memories to members of your family who might not be as tech savvy and do not want digital formats but still need a simple way to pop in a memory and watch it on a DVD player or computer.

Converting your VHS tapes to digital and DVD formats will save your wonderful memories and give you the ability to watch them for generations. Have home movie nights showing your kids all the fun videos you took of them when they were small. Create a heartfelt holiday gift for an elderly family member by compiling their video memories onto a DVD. The gift of memories is absolutely priceless.

Contact Current Pixel for Video Conversion

Call or visit Current Pixel today to find out how you can convert your old VHS tapes, piling up and unwatched, to DVD and digital formats. Many of our team members have decades of experience providing video transfer services. We use some the most professional and updated equipment possible, so your precious memories will always be in good hands!

Image by Christian Schnettelker