Video Transfer Services: Why Technology & Experience Matter
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If you have video memories you want to convert to digital files to keep them safe and viewable for years to come, you might have also pondered investing in professional video transfer services, choosing a cheaper online service, or getting the job done yourself. You do have many options available for media conversion, but not all your choices are going to necessarily get you the results you want.

video transfer services

Don’t end up being just one in the pile. Invest in video transfer services that are supported by professionals who care.

When you’re dealing with your precious memories, it’s important to choose a video transfer service backed by experience, stability, proper technology, superior capabilities, and the flexibility to provide you with options. You also want to think about the way a media conversion provider runs its company, because an organized company that treats its employees and customers with respect and 100 percent focus will make sure your memories are in the best possible hands. Here are some factors to keep in mind when considering a media conversation provider:


When you’re looking to convert your videos to digital, you want a company that employs professionals with ample experience to understand exactly how to get the job done but also how to troubleshoot potential problems. Experts will make sure each of your memories gets the individual attention they deserve, and that the job is finished thoroughly rather than just quickly.

Stability and Organization

A stable and organized company will provide you with dependable service without any hassle. You have many options available to you and can even purchase some equipment to try and convert video yourself.  However, if you don’t invest a reputable company with years of experience and knowledge in the industry, the outcome and overall experience may be compromised.


Some media conversion companies focus on numbers, not individuals. Although those options might appear to be cheaper for the consumer, you get what you pay for in many cases. Be careful about going to a warehouse store or big chain drugstore, because these companies do not even do the work.  Your memories get shipped off to warehouses located in remote parts of the country where often under-skilled and poorly trained conversion employees are all too often focused purely on metrics, meaning they need to get a certain number of jobs done by a certain time, no matter what.

Instead, find a professional media conversion provider that can give you an individualized experience and make sure you have exactly what you need in a finished product. Companies with manageable sizes and controlled growth will typically have better equipment with proper maintenance, rather than cheap equipment to lower overhead costs.


You should also consider the individualized options you might have with one conversion provider over another. Each customer might have different media conversion needs. For example, maybe you want your media on DVD as well as digital files for backup, or maybe you want custom edits made to your final product. Find a provider that can offer you what you want. Some companies also have limited experience working with certain types of film or video tapes, so you want to choose a company with the knowledge and experience to work with unique media types.

The large online retailers, for the most part, give you the same basic choices as any other company. However, they might not offer digital files you can download to keep and use as you wish. Many of the larger media conversion online retailers also do not allow custom edits and might not offer your digital files the way you want them.

Why Choose Current Pixel?

At Current Pixel, our media conversion experts have decades of experience working with media conversion technology and customers just like you. We also control our growth to keep the quality of service and the training and experience of our staff manageable. We know you have a wide variety of providers to choose from when converting your videos to digital, which is why we offer a personalized experience and never outsource the work.

All our conversion is done by Current Pixel staff, and all our staff is well trained and only given the amount of work they can complete carefully and effectively. We also select and maintain the best possible equipment to provide quality service. For example, we use the same frame-by-frame film scanners used by the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood, and use professional video tape playback equipment that has proven effective at optimal playback of video tapes with a variety of issues.  We take the same level of care in selecting, maintaining and properly using all our equipment from video and film transfer to photos, slides, negatives and audio.

We have extremely high customer reviews and ratings at Current Pixel, because we go the extra mile for our customers and provide them with excellent, individualized customer service and outcomes that clients are inevitably thrilled with after choosing our services over some of the other options. We also have the expertise and ability to give you your media files the way you want them.

The bottom line: Don’t just choose any business to convert your memories. Come to Current Pixel and get superior service from trained professionals with decades of experience in the media conversion business to keep your videos safe for generations to come.

Image by Rob Pearce