Why You Should Use a Professional to Transfer Your Memories
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Have you considered transferring your photo and video memories to digital files, DVD, or CD, but been hesitant to go to a professional service? Maybe you’ve seen that you can do the same thing on your own, using consumer-based equipment and think you don’t want to spend the money to visit a professional.Digitize Photo Scanning

While you certainly can buy your own equipment, the truth is most consumer transfer equipment is low-quality and produces inferior results. Companies like Current Pixel that specialize in digitizing services, with decades of professional experience, have the right equipment, a variety of resources, and the necessary knowledge to work around typical digitization problems that “do-it-yourself” transfer equipment will not be able to accomplish.

As with most things in life, better equipment and proven processes in film, video, and photo transfer provide superior results. By the time you spend the money to purchase the right equipment to complete your digitization, you will probably have spent multiple times the amount it would have cost to have a professional do the work for you the right way, the first time. Time is money, and a professional will be able to save you that time—plus unnecessary stress—by digitizing your memories for you and giving you peace of mind that it will be done properly.

Even if you have the right equipment, how do you know you’re using it correctly?  How do you know the equipment is operating as it is should and will keep your memories safe from any potential snags? The fact is, in most cases you simply won’t know. Contacting and visiting a professional service is the only way to guarantee your videos and photos will be safely converted to DVD, CD, or digital files for you to watch, enjoy, and share. Make sure your memories are in the right hands! At Current Pixel, we have over three decades of experience converting recorded memories and are happy to help you preserve your memories.