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If you are at all a product of the 1980s, you undoubtedly have a stack of favorite cassette tapes sitting around somewhere. Cassette tapes were all the rage then, but of course, technology has completely transformed the way we listen to music and other audio. Cassette tapes, while nostalgic, are no longer relevant, and ways of playing these tapes are scarce.

convert cassette tapes to digital

Though you can always keep your tapes as mementos of time gone by, you might want to consider converting audio cassette tapes to digital to: maintain their longevity, increase audio accessibility, and ensure you have functionality when trying to listen to your audio recordings. By digitizing audio cassette tapes to CD, mp3, or other modern digital formats, you can conveniently listen to and save your music and recordings for years to come.

Here are three main ways you will benefit from converting your cassette tapes to digital:

Give Your Audio Longevity

First, one of the most important reasons to convert your cassette tapes to digital is that digital files and CDs offer greater longevity. Cassette tapes, unfortunately, were not made to stand the test of time. In fact, all that winding and rewinding you have to do when playing cassette tapes puts strain on the magnetic tape inside, which in turn deteriorates over time. The tape itself can easily break, and certain tapes become unplayable when their felt pressure pads fall off.

In contrast, CDs and digital files can last generations if properly stored or backed up to the Cloud or an external hard drive. With CDs, you will not have to worry as much about deterioration when you store them carefully; and with digital files like mp3 saved to the Cloud, you significantly decrease the odds that your music and recordings will disappear as a result of theft, accident, or natural disaster.

Enjoy Listening Accessibility

Additionally, converting cassette tapes to CDs and digital formats makes your audio much more accessible. Rather than searching for an old cassette player, which is a rare find these days, or worrying about an old tape player damaging your tapes, you can easily listen to your audio in a CD player, on your computer, or even on your mobile device.

After digitizing, your audio will be right at your fingertips. You won’t have to search for a place to store digital files, either. They will be waiting for you somewhere on the cloud or saved on your hard drive. No more searching for the right cassette tape; digital files allow you to store and organize in ways that allow you to easily search, and find the file you need!

Maintain Audio Format Functionality

Finally, digitizing your audio cassette tapes will provide a much more functional audio format for easy listening, storing, and editing. Audio cassette tapes can be finicky and are prone to breakage if not handled with the utmost care. With CDs and digital files, you don’t have to wait for the tape to rewind to listen to your audio over and over. Just press the rewind button on your CD player or slide the audio back to the beginning on a computer, tablet, or phone, and you can listen as often as you want!

Especially with digital files, you will also have the ability to share your digitized tape audio with friends and family and edit old recordings to your specifications. Were you in a band in high school or college? Did you tape record your kids’ school performances? Digital files will allow you to splice together the audio from your cassette tape recordings and create a listening treat for your old band mates or entire family.

Digitizing your audio cassette tapes is just a good idea. With increased longevity, accessibility, and functionality, you will be so glad you converted your cassette tapes to digital! And when you’re looking for a trusted media conversion company to help, look no further than Current Pixel. Call or visit us to find out how you can digitize your audio cassette tapes today.