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film transfer atlantaCurrent Pixel has been preserving memories with professional film transfer since 1985, and members of our team of professionals have decades of experience. We make sure to have the most updated and efficient technology, and all our digital convergence happens on site at our Atlanta location, meaning we never outsource to a third party!

The Importance of Digitizing Film with a Professional

Working with a professional, experienced expert in converting 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film allows you to transfer your memories to usable, updated formats without worrying about losing any of the footage or not getting what you want. We utilize advanced technology and an experienced staff to make sure your memories are safe and returned exactly the way you want them.

Serving All Kinds of Customer Needs

At Current Pixel, we are able to help customers with all different types of film conversion needs. Some individuals and families might have old film with mystery footage on them without the technology to access them. Some might know exactly what they would find on their old film without the ability to watch.

Such precious film being stored in homes could be from much older generations and contain priceless memories of parents, grandparents, etc. Some customers might want to convert the home movie film of parents and grandparents to give them as a gift. Other customers might be enthusiasts of old films or even professionals interested in digitizing an archive or collection of film but do not want to invest in expensive conversion equipment.

Contact Current Pixel

Whatever your situation and whatever film you might have in need of conversion, Current Pixel is a trusted company in Atlanta for film transfer and has the skill and know-how to digitize even some of the most unique and delicate films. Contact us today to find out how we can personalize your experience and preserve your precious film memories for generations to come.

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