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35mm film negatives, also known as Standard 135 film negatives, are often delicate media formats that contain precious memories. The photos found on 35mm negatives represent good times with loved ones, treasured artistic expressions, and beautiful images of times gone by. If you have thought about digitizing your 35mm film negatives for safekeeping, you are in good company.

digitize 35mm film negatives transfer

Although you might have your film negatives in protective sleeves, they are still vulnerable to discoloration and deterioration over time, especially when not stored in absolutely perfect conditions. Transferring 35mm film negatives to digital formats is the best way to maintain the purity of your memories and ensure they are safe for years to come.

Preserve Your Content with 35mm Film Digitization

Perhaps you are a photographer with envelopes of 35mm negatives you want to safeguard, or maybe you are someone in possession of a family member’s 35mm negatives and would like to digitize them for convenient sharing and viewing. Whatever the reason, digitizing your 35mm negatives is a great way to keep your memories safe from disaster, organize them for easier use, and keep them in an up-to-date media format for generations to enjoy.

Resources for developing film negatives are fast disappearing, but with digitization, you can make sure your photos are stored, safe, and easily accessible. But where do you go to digitize your 35mm negatives? At Current Pixel, we help customers digitize different types of film negatives, including 35mm film. We make it easy for customers to ship their film to us, or if based in metro Atlanta, they can drop their order off at our location.

Experienced in Digitizing 35mm Film Negatives

Current Pixel is a trusted media conversion company with the 33 years of experience and the technology necessary for successfully and professionally digitizing 35mm negatives. We will transfer your 35mm film negatives to CD, DVD, or digital files for safety and convenience. With digital files, you will even have the ability to easily share your images with family and friends on social media or by preparing a digital slideshow! If you’re not sure if your negatives are 35mm or another format, our media experts can help you. We can scan many different formats of film negatives at Current Pixel, along with 35mm film.

And whether you visit our location in Atlanta or ship your negatives to us, your negatives will always be carefully and meticulously scanned by Current Pixel’s qualified staff members–never outsourced to a third party.

Without proper equipment and training, scanning film negatives can be very difficult. But with Current Pixel, you can trust your memories are in capable hands. Call or contact Current Pixel online to start the process of digitizing your 35mm film negatives and protect those cherished memories.