Digitize Your Favorite Vinyl Records for Accessibility & Versatility
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If you have vinyl records that you absolutely love, it might be time to preserve these sounds through digitization. Before you start to have doubts, most of us can agree that nothing beats listening to your favorite tracks on vinyl. However, there are certainly benefits to be had in preserving your favorite music by converting vinyl to digital files and CD’s.

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Benefits of Going Digital

Not only does having a digital version of your favorite music make it more accessible, but it also makes it more versatile. Rather than always having your record player around, you can play your music on your phone, iPod, iPad, computer, or even from a CD or USB drive. And, of course, by having your all-time favorite records in digital formats, you will keep them safe for years to come should anything happen to your records—though we hope nothing does! Going digital is like an insurance plan for your cherished sounds. Though you can still listen to them on vinyl, you’ll be able to better preserve your media in case of a catastrophe.

For Any Type of Vinyl-Owning Customer

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Current Pixel’s vinyl transfer services extend to customers with simple vinyl collections to major music enthusiasts and professionals with thousands of records in their music library. We can even help music professionals with very specific sound quality needs.

For DJ’s and music producers—you do not have to settle on CDs or MP3 files. Current Pixel can convert vinyl to other file formats, like .wav for optimal sound quality and compatibility with advanced music playing technology!

Digitize Vinyl with Current Pixel

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Whatever your vinyl transfer needs are, call or visit us at Current Pixel to find out how we can convert your favorite music to digital so you can preserve it and listen to it anywhere, anytime!

You can still keep your vinyl records but also have accessibility to your sounds and a safety net to keep your music safe from harm. You can also visit the audio transfer page on our website for more information out converting vinyl as well as other audio formats!

Images by Tobias Begemann and Andrew Patra