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What does transferring to digital mean?

Transferring your video tapes, movie film, photos, slides, and negatives to digital files with Current Pixel means we will use our technology and expertise to scan your old formats and convert them into digital files. These digital files can be saved on your computer, an external hard drive, flash drive, or uploaded to the cloud so you can keep your memories safe, updated, and watchable for decades to transfer

Video standards vary, and there are several choices you could make when determining what type of video file you want, but the professionals at Current Pixel will work with you and guide you to decide which type of video is easiest for you. We will help you make the right choice.

All transfers are done by Current Pixel staff, as has been the case since 1985, in Atlanta, GA rather than outsourcing to a third party or offshore companies. This allows us to optimally control the quality of the conversion process, maintain a higher level of customer service, and ensure your precious memories are handled with the highest level of care.

Advantages to digital files

Digital files are a great option for keeping your videos safe, since they can be easily backed up, either in the cloud or on a drive stored off site. This is crucial for any disaster recovery plan to ensure these memories live on, even in the face of computer/equipment failure, disaster, or theft. They can also be edited for a variety of uses, including sharing small sections with family and friends. The great news is, with digital files, you will be able to share your videos via Internet, social media sites, email, etc.

What about watching videos on my TV?

DVDs & Blu-rays are, in most cases, still the easiest way to play videos on your big screen TV, but that is only a short-term problem. DVDs are often easier for people who are not as familiar with digital technology, whereas digital files are more accessible to people who are more technically astute. Thus, it is not uncommon to transfer videos to both DVD and digital files when sharing with a diverse population of tech users in your tape to dvd transfer

In addition, there are already various solutions available that solve your viewing problems and allow you to easily access your digital videos, digital picture files, and digital music from any device or TV in your house, even when away from home. One of the best options is to download a streaming service, like the Plex Media Server, which will organize all your files for you and help you watch them on any device. You can visit for more information.

Another popular way to watch files on your television from your computer is through products like Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox or PS3. However, there are other options if you do not want to purchase one of these. For instance, you can purchase an HDMI cable to connect your computer to your TV. Check the ports to make sure they are compatible. You can also connect your computer to your television through a wireless connection, which may require a wireless conversion box. You may also use a USB MP4 and plug it into the USB port on your television. 

Convert to digital today!

To save your video, film, and photo memories to digital files, contact Current Pixel. We can help you make the best choice for you and your family and make sure your memories are safe to watch and enjoy using modern technology. We are here to protect your photos and videos!

Images by Alejandro Mallea & Geoffrey Fairchild