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Although the life of the MiniDV camcorder was short, they were very popular for personal and semi-professional video recording for several years.  You might have some MiniDV tapes at home or in your company’s storage facility that you realize you want to transfer to DVD to either keep safe or view easily.

convert mini dv without camcorder

Either you are sick of plugging your VCR or camcorder into your TV to watch this footage, or you cannot find a compatible camcorder to view those MiniDV tapes. Don’t have a camcorder to help convert your MiniDV tapes to DVD? No worries! Current Pixel has you covered with comprehensive video transfer services that handle MiniDV to DVD transfers.

Convert MiniDV to DVD, Blu-Ray, & Digital Files

With Current Pixel, you can convert your MiniDV tapes to DVD without a camcorder and make sure your footage is once again convenient to watch and enjoy. At Current Pixel, we can even convert your MiniDV tapes to other current formats like digital files which allows for easy sharing, editing and backing up. Current Pixel can help you make sure your MiniDV memories are easier to access and will stand the test of time. We can even help you convert the HD version of MiniDV (HDV) to Blu-ray discs and digital files to maintain the HD quality.

Current Pixel is one of the industry’s most trusted media conversion companies with decades of experience converting outdated media formats like MiniDV to updated media formats like DVD and digital files.

At Current Pixel, all work is performed by our experienced staff, and we do not outsource to a third party. Whether your MiniDV tapes contain precious family memories you want to keep for generations or company videos you want to use for training or your backup records, your MiniDV tapes will be much safer and convenient to watch after you convert them to DVD or digital files with Current Pixel. Visit or contact Current Pixel today to convert your MiniDV tapes without ever needing a camcorder!