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U-matic format was introduced to the market by Sony in September of 1971 and served as an analogue recording videocassette format that allowed you to keep the videotape inside a cassette, which was different from reel-to-reel or open-reel formats. You might notice that you have some U-matic tapes from the past, but you might also notice that revisiting this footage has become very difficult and expensive.

Are U-matic Tapes Obsolete?Convert U-Matic to Digital

U-matic tapes are an old tape format that has become nearly obsolete without a functional U-matic player. What’s more, if you search the web for a U-matic player, you can only find them used at extremely high prices, typically from around $600 to upwards of $2800. If you convert U-matic to digital, though, you can save money and also make sure you save the content on your U-matic tapes.

At Current Pixel, we can convert U-matic to digital or even DVD to help you save your footage for greater longevity and convenience. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a U-matic player that might not work for long. Instead, you can convert your U-matic tapes to digital and save the footage for years to come, keeping it safe from becoming completely unwatchable and obsolete.

Convert U-matic Tapes with Current Pixel

Come to Current Pixel, where our staff has combined decades of experience converting videotape formats like U-matic to digital formats and DVD. We will make sure your U-matic footage remains conveniently watchable, and you won’t have to worry about losing that content forever or having to pay expensive prices for used U-matic players. All U-matic digitization and video tape transfer services are performed by Current Pixel staff in Atlanta, and never outsourced to a third party.  We make sure you get the results you want when you convert U-matic to digital. Call or visit us today!