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There’s a reason why so many individuals are taking the time to convert beta tapes to DVD and digital formats. These near obsolete video tapes peaked in popularity about forty years ago. And while beta tapes (Betamax and Betacam) are rapidly declining, those who still own these tapes are privy to preserving their content.

Beta Tapes: Betamax vs. Betacam

Betamax was released in 1975 and is now considered to be the first home video format that began the home video making craze. While it lasted for about five years, it was soon replaced by the VHS tape format. Betamax recorders have not been produced since 2002, but Betamax tapes were still available for purchase up until March 2016 when they were completely taken off the market, leaving people with Betamax tapes wondering how to watch their content and keep it safe from deterioration and potential disaster.

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Meanwhile, Betacam, which is the professional-grade sibling of Betamax, was mostly used for location video work beginning in 1982, and though it lasted longer as a dependable professional video recording format, its tapes are just as fragile as Betacam and are not designed to last for many decades. Don’t let discoloration or sound disruption ruin your Betamax or Betacam tapes: convert these video tapes to DVD or digital files, and keep your video content safe and accessible.

Convert Betamax and Betacam to DVD and Digital Files

As part of our media conversion services, Current Pixel makes it simple to convert your Betamax and Betacam tapes to DVD or digital files like MP4. By making the choice to convert your Beta tapes to DVD or digital files, you are choosing a more accessible and sustainable format that will last over a long period of time with easy storage and more convenient viewing. Whether you have Beta tapes storing precious family memories that you want to preserve, need the content on your Beta tapes for an upcoming event, or want a safer and more convenient way to store professional content, Current Pixel is an experienced media conversion company with over  33 years experience and can transfer Beta tapes to digital and DVD, providing you with professionally updated formats to last years and years.

All media conversion services are performed by Current Pixel staff and never outsourced to a third party. With our refined technology and professional know-how, Current Pixel can professionally convert your Betamax and Betacam tapes to digital files and DVD, allowing you to watch, share, and store your content with ease. You can even ship your Beta tapes to Current Pixel and rest assured you will receive professionally converted digital files or DVDs that you can be happy with.

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