Video Redaction Services for Law Enforcement & Legal Documentation
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At Current Pixel, we provide top-notch media conversion services for anyone seeking to transfer old or inconvenient media formats to more updated and easily storable formats like DVD and digital files. Though we often serve families hoping to save their home video memories, we also serve the business and professional community.

video redaction services

One professional practice Current Pixel can help with is video redaction, most often used for evidence in court cases, law enforcement and legal documentation purposes. Though professionals might spend lengthy amounts of time trying to complete video redaction on their own, companies like Current Pixel are here to help you save time and money by getting it done right the first time and providing you with consistent, available service. Current Pixel does this work routinely for law offices, state and local governments, and school systems, and has decades of experience.

Video Redaction Services: Experience Matters

When you are searching for a way to complete video redaction work, experience really does matter. Video editing software comes with steep learning curves, so when you’re looking for a company to help with video redaction, find a reliable company with experience like Current Pixel. Without a trained professional in video editing available, video redaction services can be hard to find. Some companies do not complete the work correctly, and so many others have simply gone out of business. Current Pixel, though, has been here and will continue to be here for your video redaction needs. You can count on Current Pixel to take extra care with your project and complete the job properly the first time.  

At Current Pixel, we can save you valuable time and take away the stress of video redaction by employing the experience of our trained staff to get the job done right.  

We will also work with you to make sure we know exactly what you need for your video redaction project and are meticulous with our work ensuring sensitive information is effectively blurred or blocked from every frame of the video.

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Save valuable time and get peace of mind by trusting Current Pixel with your video redaction services. We have a proven track record for over 34 years and know what we’re doing so you don’t have to! Visit or contact Current Pixel today for all your video redaction needs. We love working with businesses to make your job easier.