An Inside Look at Current Pixel's Media Conversion Services
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Media Conversion Services AtlantaAt Current Pixel, we offer a variety of media conversion services for our customers, from film and video transfer to audio transfer, photo scanning, and specialized services like DVD and CD duplication and audio/video editing. Here’s a comprehensive look at all our media conversion services and how you can take advantage of them.

Film Transfer

Film does not last forever, and if you have old film in your own collection or inherited film from relatives, you will want to convert your film to DVD and/or digital formats like MP4 in order to preserve those memories for years to come. Here at Current Pixel, we can convert the following film formats:

  • 8mm Film, which includes Regular 8, Standard 8, and Double 8. It became popular for consumers in the year 1932 as a cheaper format than 16mm transfer media conversion service
  • Super 8, with a 50 percent larger frame size than Regular 8mm film and smaller sprocket holes along the edge to allow for a larger frame.
  • 16mm Film, which you can identify by its larger frames

Our film transfer specialists can help you determine which type of film you have, and at Current Pixel, we will take care of your memories as if they were our own!

Video Transfer

Video Transfer Media Conversion Atlanta

Videotapes do not last forever, and you might have noticed yours are rather worse for the wear. If you have precious family memories or other crucial moments on video and want to save them to watch and share forever, Current Pixel can help. We can convert almost any type of video to DVD or digital file and make a copy for you and family and friends to enjoy for generations to come! Here’s a list of video formats we convert for our customers:

If you’re not sure which type of video format you have at home, contact Current Pixel online or by phone—or come into our facility in Atlanta—to speak with one of our video transfer experts.

Audio Transfer

Your favorite sounds should be safe for you to enjoy over and over. Like video, audio formats can deteriorate, get scratched, or become obsolete. With audio transfer services that convert old formats to CD or digital files, you can ensure you have them safe and sound for your enjoyment over and over again. At Current Pixel, we convert the following types of audio to CD or digital files:

  • Cassette Tapes. Who knew they would go out of style so quickly? But we need to keep those mixed tapes and favorite recordings or artists’ music safe from the harm tapes can go through.
  • Vinyl Records, which usually have sentimental value. Keep your record player, but keep your records safe by converting them, so you don’t lose your favorite albums!
  • Reel-to-Reel, which was popular for voice recordings in the home or at school between the 1940s and until the Philips compact cassette was introduced in 1963. Keep the sounds of those reel-to-reel tapes by converting to CD or digital files!
  • DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
  • MiniDisc

Photo Scanning Media Conversion Photo Slide Scanning Atlanta

Current Pixel has the expertise and carefully selected equipment to meet your photo scanning needs, allowing you to preserve your precious memories in a central and convenient place on a CD, DVD, or as digital files. At Current Pixel we can scan:

If you are planning to scan photos with us, make sure you prepare your photos ahead of time by organizing, cleaning, and readying them for scanning to make the process as smooth as possible! Learn more about how to best prepare your photos for scanning with Current Pixel.

Specialized Media Conversion Services

  • CD/DVD Duplication. Our experts will perform your CD or DVD duplication, providing you with a professional result with a quick turnaround time. We can print your logo, an image, or text on your discs and deliver them in paper sleeves, clamshells, or slimline cases.
  • Audio/Video Editing. We have a team of experts fully qualified to help you edit your audio or video project. If you need to make a professional video for your business, for example, or need to cut together a podcast, Current Pixel is here for you!

Contact Current Pixel Today!

As you can see, Current Pixel offers a wide variety of services for your media conversion needs and even provides CD and DVD duplication and audio/video editing services. Our professional staff is known for great customer service, our equipment is top-notch, and we personally complete every project to ensure your memories and content are safe and cared for. Call, visit, or reach out online to Current Pixel today for all your media conversion needs!