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16mm film conversion16mm film is still used for popular films and television as the technology has been updated for professional use, but it has become obsolete for home movie making or even watching at home. Since 16mm film has been around since 1923, you, your loved ones, or even your company might have old 16mm film lying around without a convenient or updated way to view it.

Moreover, 16mm film will fade over time, especially depending on the manufacturer. The best way to keep your footage safe from film deterioration and more accessible for viewing is to convert it to DVD or digital files. Instead of worrying about the film gathering dust and losing quality due to the elements, call or visit Current Pixel, a professional media conversion company. 16mm film conversion to DVD and 16mm film conversion to digital files allow you to have convenient access to your memories and even store them on the cloud to keep them safe from damage, fire, flood, or any other potential disaster.

Professional 16mm Film Transfer Services

Current Pixel is the go-to company for providing 16mm film transfer services. With Current Pixel, you can convert your 16mm film to more updated media formats like DVD and HD digital files without worrying about losing your memories or never having the technology to watch them again. All 16mm film conversion is performed by Current Pixel staff, and we will never outsource to a third party. You certainly won’t get that kind of service by shipping your 16mm film to a warehouse assembly line for 16mm film conversion services!

Our technology is up-to-date, and our staff has combined decades of experience with film transfer services. We will handle your precious 16mm film with care and provide you with DVD or HD digital files so that you can have access to your memories on today’s technology, at your convenience, and for generations to come. You will even have the ability to share your footage with friends and family via social media! Visit or call Current Pixel today to convert your 16mm film to digital or DVD.