Give Thanks to Technology: How Current Pixel Helps Preserve Family Memories
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This Thanksgiving season, Current Pixel invites you to join us in giving thanks for advancements in audio and video technology to enable companies like Current Pixel to preserve family memories for generations. Without these technologies, our old film, video, audio, and photographs would continue to deteriorate over time, and we would run the risk of losing those memories.

Preserve Family Memories & Give Thanks to Technology

However, we have the ability to digitize almost any video, audio or consumer film format into digital files, DVD, or CD and preserve precious memories for years and years! We can scan old photographs to keep them safe and make them easier to share online or on social media.  We can also digitize film and video, to give as personal gifts for friends and family or ways to keep memories alive.

Advancements in Media Conversion Technology

Outdated content from legacy media types like old photos, negatives, 16mm and 8mm film, and Betamax would become unrecognizable if it wasn’t for technology and adequate conversion capabilities. Photos begin to warp and change color over time, and negatives can get damaged from heat or light.  Preserve Family Memories

Old film stock can also deteriorate from poor storage and become damaged while trying to view on old projectors. Meanwhile, ways to play old formats are becoming increasingly scarce or far too expensive. Advancements in technology and companies like Current Pixel have made saving precious memories and important footage possible.

Preserving Memories for Generations to Come

So this Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to give thanks to technology and digital conversion companies like Current Pixel for keeping our favorite memories safe from harm and giving us the option to keep watching them for generations!

Losing those moments would certainly be a shame, but with Current Pixel and digitization technology, we don’t have to lose them. Digitize your memories today with Current Pixel as you give thanks for all the wonderful times you’ve spent with friends and family. Those times are definitely worth saving and remembering for years to come.