Media Convergence: Is Your Business Optimized for the Digital World?
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In the world we live in today, technology has become so advanced that media and all its forms have converged. Our smart phones do not only operate as mobile telephones but also serve as computers, research devices, television sets, and gaming convergence for business

The same is true for industries. Rather than remaining separate, the worlds of PR, public affairs, publishing, marketing, branding, advertising, and business strategy have all started working together to create the best possible customer service and product imaginable.

In a digital and media converging world, everyone has to adapt and accept the need for progress. Customers today expect to interact with businesses’ materials on all their devices—not just through pure television commercials or billboards but also on their smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

As you think about your own business, ask yourself the question: Have we optimized our materials and services for the digital world?

If the answer is no, think about ways you can adopt media convergence to make your business strategy that much more effective. By digitizing your business’s assets on legacy media, you can make information more accessible to your employees, clients, and customers. Once your business materials are digitized, they can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some examples:

  • Research/training: With digitized materials, you can use keywords and metadata in a searchable database so HR, PR, leadership, and other employees can access company videos, promotional material, and training videos as the need arises.
  • Online/social media repurposing: Just think—can your print ads be branded into social media-friendly digital graphics that tell the same story but in an online article or blog post? That way, your ads will be accessible to all types of demographics at all times.
  • Digital Signage/DOOH Deployments: With digital, out of home deployments, you can entice your customers outside of their homes wherever monitors and TVs are located throughout an organization. Digital formatting allows you to be more creative than ever with your advertising and really speak to your target audience.
  • Website and Intranet: Digital forms of your business’s materials can also be used on your company’s websites and intranet, making your online presence, both customer- and employee-facing, that much more dynamic.
  • Social Media Advertising: You can convert your television ads to online-centric videos that can be used on YouTube and other social media platforms. So many people watch content online now and are constantly on social media. Your business will have much more visibility on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, where people can learn about your company while scrolling through their news feeds or watching their favorite online shows.
  • New Avenues for Creativity and Communication: Adapting means finding new ways to progress with the times. For example, maybe a journalist who has normally done long-form interviews can start a podcast! The options are endless when you start thinking about media convergence and how it can update your business.

Brave New World

Although media convergence can be new for some companies, the outreach it allows is pretty exciting! In the new world of digital, all businesses can benefit from better media convergence and truly digitize their assets for a smoother, more visible presence within and outside of the company, on and off-line. See how Current Pixel can help.

Image by Sole Treadmill