Why Families Are Saving Old Memories with Current Pixel
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videotape transferIf you have boxes full of family movies on film or videotape you barely watch but would love to save and enjoy for years to come, you are not alone. So many memories are stored on outdated formats in homes, gathering dust or threatening to deteriorate. Luckily, you can absolutely save them and actually start watching them again!

Convert to Digital

The great news is—you can absolutely save your memories from never being watched again or from being lost on these old formats. Digital convergence is a great way to time capsule your memories by converting them to sustainable digital formats that you can save and watch over and over! At Current Pixel, we can convert your film, video, and other outdated formats to DVD and digital files. Once you have your digital files, you will be able to back them up to protect them from any number of “God forbid” scenarios.

Watch Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device with Digital Files

digitize memoriesAnother benefit to digitizing your memories is having the ability to easily view and experience them in your home—not only on your TV but also on any other device you might have, from a laptop to a tablet or smart phone. Imagine spending time with friends and family in the kitchen when a past vacation comes up in conversation.

With digitization of your memories, you can just whip out your smart phone, iPad, or other device and show the videos and photos of your vacation right there! There would be no need to even disrupt the flow of the get-together by having to converge in the media room, turn on the television and DVD player, etc. You will have the convenience of anytime, anywhere, on any device viewing of your most cherished memories.

Benefits of DVD

Of course, DVDs are still a great choice for people in your family not quite comfortable with certain types of technologies. For those people, DVDs will definitely get used and enjoyed, while digital files may not. Digital files provide all kinds of possibilities, but for many people, popping a DVD into a player in a home entertainment center is the easiest and most user-friendly choice.

Come to Current Pixel

At Current Pixel, we offer both DVD and digital file options for converting your precious memories. Call or visit us today and find out how you can transfer your home videos and film for generations upon generations to enjoy!

Images by Pascal Maramis and m01229