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Remember those home movies you or other family members recorded that are stored on unwatched video tapes in a drawer or cabinet somewhere in your home?Convert Old Video Tapes of Family Memories

Maybe you’ve seen them when searching for a movie to watch and laughed at the titles of the recordings. Maybe you’ve thought about getting them digitized as a gift for someone in your family or to show your children on family movie nights. If you have old video tapes gathering dust somewhere, the time has come to digitize them!

Digitize Video Tapes for Easy Accessibility

By converting your video tapes to easily accessible formats, like DVD and digital video files, you will be able to actually sit down and enjoy your memories with your family any time you want, and on any of your computers, TVs and devices! By taking the time to convert your old video tapes, you will have a time capsule of memories you can watch over and over again. You can keep the memories for your own personal enjoyment, or make them the entertainment at family reunions and gatherings! You can even use the digital files to share your memories on social media.

At Current Pixel, we can digitize your video tapes by converting them to easy-to-store and easy-to-watch archival-grade DVDs, and can also give you digital files in formats like MP4 that you can store on the Cloud and/or your own computer. We also recommend you store them on an external hard drive for extra safekeeping.

Remember, expertise matters when customizing your digitization package, and we have that in spades at Current Pixel. Located in Atlanta, our media conversion specialists have decades of experience and will personally complete your video transfer in-house.  We do not send your precious memories to another country or even another company for the work to be done., So you can rest assured your precious memories will be in great hands.

Just imagine how much fun it will be to watch your old memories at your next gathering or family movie night! Whether you want to drop off your video tapes in person, or use our convenient shipping options, don’t let those old video tapes gather too much dust.  Time-capsule your memories with the professional video transfer services from Current Pixel!

Image by Amara