Media Digitization: Making the Most of Your Memories
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Summer is coming to an end, but all those fun summer memories don’t have to fade away. Luckily, these days we can all take photos and videos on our digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets, saving our memories digitally for longtime storage and enjoyment. But what about the memories we captured long before technology made storing them so easy? The old family photos and videos matter, too, but they are often stored on older media formats that deteriorate over time and for which players to view them are becoming obsolete.

media conversion digitization

Media digitization is a great way to make the most of the memories from the past that you didn’t get to store on your phone, laptop, or the Cloud. If you have boxes of photos, videotapes, film, and even old audio formats gathering dust in your home or business, you could digitize those memories to keep them safe from deterioration and potential disaster. By digitizing your memories, you will make sure they are safe and convenient to enjoy for generations to come.

Current Pixel for Media Digitization

Current Pixel is a trusted media digitization company with over 33 years of experience converting your memories from old media formats to DVD, CD, and digital files, so you can watch, view, and listen to those images, videos, and audio files for years and years without worry. We offer various types of media digitization, saving you time and money trying to convert old media types on your own. We even offer custom editing for all your audio and visual needs! Plus, at Current Pixel all media conversion is completed by our experienced staff and is never outsourced to a third party.

Here’s a list of the media digitization we offer at Current Pixel:

Video Transfer

At Current Pixel, we have the knowledge and expertise to digitize the following video formats to DVD or digital files for your viewing and storing needs: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Digital8, 8mm, Hi-8, MiniDV, HDV, Mini DVD, MicroMV, Betamax, U-matic 3/4”, Betacam, DVCAM, and DVCPRO. We can also convert many tape formats from PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL. If you aren’t sure what type of video format you have, never fear! Our experienced staff members will help you. By digitizing your videotapes, you can easily watch, store, and even share your memories with friends and family on social media.

Preserve Family Memories Video Transfer

Film Transfer

Current Pixel also specializes in film transfer. We have the capabilities to transfer 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film, giving you a way to keep film content safe from disaster and save it on DVD, Blu-ray, or digital files for generations. Film digitization can also serve as a great present for a loved one. What a wonderful gift to see what you thought were long lost memories revived—and to view them conveniently on a TV, laptop, or other accessible device!

Audio Transfer

At Current Pixel, we can also transfer audio to CD or MP3 digital files. We have the ability to expertly transfer the following audio formats: cassette tapes, vinyl records, reel-to-reel, CD to MP3 files, DAT (Digital Audio Tape), and MiniDisc. Storing your audio on CD or MP3 will give you peace of mind that your audio content is safe, and it will be much easier to store and listen to.

Photo Scans

Have boxes and boxes of old photos taking up space in your home somewhere? Current Pixel has the experience and expertise necessary to scan your old photos, slides, and negatives to DVD, CD, and/or digital files, allowing you to store, view, and share your photo memories to your heart’s content. Just organize and send your photos, negatives, and slides, and Current Pixel will take care of the rest!

Photo Scans

A/V Editing

Along with our media digitization services, Current Pixel also offers custom audio/video editing. If you want to edit video or audio footage for a special personal or family project, or even for your business, Current Pixel has you covered with audio and video editing experience since 1985.

Call or visit Current Pixel to take care of any of your media digitization needs, and make sure your memories stand the test of time!