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Cabinets, drawers, and boxes full of old videotapes are also full of wonderful memories. However, sometimes those memories can taunt you when you realize videotapes are becoming outdated. If you have looked at your videotapes and felt worried about their future, you are certainly not alone.

Videotapes do deteriorate over time and are susceptible to damage from any number of accidents or misplacements. Meanwhile, videotape players are becoming harder and harder to come by. Of course you want to keep your memories safe, and you want to be able to watch them again, so why not transfer those videotapes to DVD?

How to Transfer Video Tapes to DVD

When you transfer videotapes to DVD, you make space in your home and have easier access to your memories. You can even make DVDs for the whole family as a gift—or just share the memories once you have them safe and sound on DVD. You will breathe much easier knowing your videotapes are watchable on your TV or computer without worrying if your videotape player will break and potentially even ruin your tapes.

Video Transfer Options

When you’re looking to turn your precious videotaped moments into easily accessible and watchable DVDs, you have options.

Do It Yourself

The DIY option is attractive to many, perhaps because they think it will be less expensive. While purchasing your own DVD recorder and VCR combo for conversion has its benefits, and you can convert several videotapes to DVD on your own, it can be hard to find converter machines under $400 to $500 that will produce a quality DVD from your videotapes. Though you can find detailed instructions on how to transfer videotapes to DVD yourself, connecting VHS to DVD recorders requires patience and precision, so be careful with your tapes when you choose this option.

Hire a Professional Conversion Service

Hiring professional video transfer services is also an option when you want to keep your precious videotape memories safe from harm. Professional companies like Current Pixel have the necessary experience of converting videotapes to DVD and will convert your videotapes for you, without you having to do any of the work yourself. Trusting a professional with your memories often gives you peace of mind, since these companies already have the proper equipment and know-how for videotape to DVD conversion.

Videotape to DVD Transfer with Current Pixel

At Current Pixel, our experienced staff performs all video transfers, and we never outsource to a third party. Our equipment is up-to-date, and our customer service will provide you with an individualized experience unlike any big conversion business in a warehouse could give you. We love providing our customers with an opportunity to clear out their closets and drawers that were once full of videotapes and keep their memories safe for generations to come on DVD.

Call or visit today to find out how you can transfer your videotapes to DVD with Current Pixel.