Home Movie Transfer: Revisit Family Memories for Years to Come
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Most of us look back at old family memories and wish we had digital cameras to capture those memories with easy access and viewing and without the possibility of the tape getting warped or ruined by an old VHS player.

Home Movie Transfer Service

The great news is: it is entirely possible to transfer your old home movies from VHS to digital files or even DVD to give you easy and convenient access to them and ensure they stay safe from harm. Whether you have a collection of VHS tapes collecting dust in boxes or getting lost in a cabinet, or an antiquated home movie format that you vaguely remember how to play, the best way to preserve family memories is with professional home movie transfer services.

Common Home Movie Types Worth Transferring

Some of the most common video media types on which you might have home movies include VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, Mini DVD, MicroMV, Betamax, Betacam, and U-matic 3/4″.

All these formats may be piled up in your home, or in your company’s storage facility, containing precious content, while you are likely unable to watch them without an adapter or finding an old video recorder or video tape player. Videotapes also lose their magnetization over time and can get ruined from heat, humidity and mold, so the best way to keep them safe is home movie transfer.

Luckily, Current Pixel is Atlanta’s go-to for providing home movie transfer services! At Current Pixel, we have experienced staff with knowledge of all the different videotape formats, and we will complete your order without ever outsourcing to a third party. We also have up-to-date, high quality technology and equipment to make sure your home movies transfer safely and in the way you remember them.

Transfer Home Movies to Digital with Current Pixel

Transfer your home movies to digital files or DVD with Current Pixel today and never worry about losing those memories again! You don’t have to look guiltily at your piles of old videotapes and worry they are just gathering dust. You can even share digital files of your home movie transfers with friends and family on social media to share fun memories during the holidays. Come to Current Pixel or call us today, and we will help ensure your memories last for generations.