The Mother’s Day Gift of Reliving Old Memories
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This year, Mother’s Day will be on Sunday, May 13th, and what better way to celebrate Mom than to give her the gift of reliving old memories? Current Pixel has great gift ideas for Mother’s Day and can make it a simple and easy process for you!

mothers day gift ideas

The Gift of Video Memories

If you have old videotapes and film formats lying around in your house or somewhere in storage filled with precious family memories, you also have the potential to give your mom a heartfelt gift she will be able to enjoy for years to come.

By taking the time to organize and convert those old home movies from their outdated formats to DVDs or digital files, you have the chance to help your mom relive some of the most wonderful, fun, hilarious, and touching memories of your family’s past. Maybe your mom even has old film formats of home videos from when she was young. Digitizing those for her would allow her to relive her own childhood memories from the convenience of a television or computer.

The Gift of Photo Memories

Perhaps your mom has boxes full of old photos that she complains are too disorganized or overwhelming to go through. What a better way to show Mom you appreciate her than organizing those photos and scanning them to DVD or digital files for her to view anytime she wants! Rather than physically sifting through all those old photos, your mom can watch them on a DVD or view them as digital files on her computer.

Current Pixel Can Help

At Current Pixel, our staff has decades of experience converting videotape and film formats to DVDs and digital files and scanning old photographs to create easy-to-view digital albums your whole family can enjoy.

Our staff can help you determine which videotape and film formats you have, convert them to the new format you want, and make sure you’re happy with your customer service experience. And if you organize your photos, Current Pixel will make sure you have them in a more convenient format to gift to Mom. All media conversion is performed by Current Pixel staff, and we never outsource to a third party or make you feel like a number in an assembly line.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Digitized memories are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Your mom will be so relieved that her memories are now easily accessible, and she will probably be seeing videos and photos she has forgotten about. Mom will even have the opportunity to share any photos or videos on social media or via email with her friends and family!

This kind of gift for Mom is actually a gift for you too. Your entire family will have the opportunity to enjoy these memories for generations. Imagine all the fun you’ll have gathering with loved ones and watching family memories.

Visit or call Current Pixel today to find out how you can create the gift of reliving memories for your Mom on Mother’s Day!