Organizational Video Transfer for HR, Communications, & Company Assets
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Business HR Communications Content Digitized

Does your company have media assets stored on old formats that could still be useful for your human relations department or company communications? Perhaps you know there are recruiting videos, past employee interviews, or recordings of important communications like conferences and meetings that are either frustratingly inconvenient or impossible to access and would love to use them to benefit your business. Maybe you have thought about digitizing these assets but aren’t sure where to start.

Look No Further Than Current Pixel

Current Pixel is one of the most trusted media conversion companies in the industry, and we have the capacity to help both large and small companies and organizations with media transfer services that will turn those inaccessible assets into usable assets.

Digitizing Provides Many Benefits

Recruiting videos could provide insight for your HR department into how your company attracted valuable, qualified candidates in the past, and recorded employee interviews could help with training and a better understanding of company culture. Recorded conference communications allow your current employees to learn from the past or gain crucial knowledge about a particular project. Perhaps you have old footage of your company’s founder that could motivate your current employees. Whatever video content you have, Current Pixel can digitize it.

If your company or organization has a collection of videos on outdated media formats like videotapes or even film, Current Pixel can digitize these for you by converting them to DVD or digital files. By digitizing your company content, you will have long-term access and save the past from being lost. Film and videotapes deteriorate over time, so digitizing is a great way to make sure past videos are never lost. With digital files, you can keep your videos stored on computers and in the Cloud, providing you with the ability to use them however you see fit.

Current Pixel’s experienced staff will take care of your transfers, never outsourcing to a third party like an assembly line in a warehouse. By converting your company videos to digital, you will even have the chance to take advantage of video transfer as a way to organize your content chronologically or by whichever categories you choose.

We Want to Help You Utilize Your Company Content

As a business, Current Pixel loves to help other companies and businesses take charge of their video content and use it to their advantage. Call Current Pixel today to find out how Current Pixel can help your business or organization thrive and use past content to your advantage.