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It’s the end of summer—and what a perfect time to take stock of some old memories! And guess what? September is National Save Your Photos Month! What does that mean? Well, September is the month in which we can take the time to remember that our precious photographs are perishable, and we need to do all we can to save those memories for lifetimes to come. Photos deteriorate over time, especially based on how they’ve been stored, but with modern technology, you can save them on a CD, DVD, or even digital files to keep them pristine and easily viewable.

September save your photos month

How to Observe National Save Your Photos Month

September is the month to go through old photos and organize them for future safety and sharing. For instance, some of your photos might not have any information on them, like names, dates, or locations. Take the time to sort your photos, adding information as needed. Most importantly, you can scan all your photographs to CD, DVD, and digital formats so not only you but also future generations can enjoy your family’s important memories.

National Save Your Photos Day: Saturday, September 30th

Every September, National Save Your Photos Day falls on the last Saturday of the month. This year, it will be Saturday, September 30th. On this day, you have the opportunity to take special action to preserve your photos.

digital photo scanningTake the time to protect your precious photographs, whether you use your phone or digital camera to take pictures, or take the step to scan your photos to DVD, CD, or digital formats with a professional company like Current Pixel. Of course, at Current Pixel we recommend scanning your photos, especially your favorites, so they will all be in one place for convenience and safety and still have the highest quality that taking photos of your photos cannot guarantee.

Get In Touch With Current Pixel

During this special month, you can also take action and call or visit Current Pixel to find out how you can digitize your photos and keep them safe. We will handle your memories with professionalism and care, as if they were our own. Happy National Save Your Photos Month!

Image by Ozzy Delaney