Storing Your Old Photos and Videos in the Winter (Digitize Them!)
Due to Inclement Weather, We Will Open at 12pm ET on 1/17/22

If you’ve been worried about your old photos and videos getting damaged during the cold winter months, you have felt the anxiety that accompanies the possibility of memories being lost to the elements. Instead of keeping old photos and videos stocked away in boxes and files this winter, take the time during the cold, gray days to digitize this content to a more accessible and safe format. This is the perfect time to reorganize your memories and make sure you can watch them easily over and over again!

Access Old Memories with EaseDigitize Old Photos

You can actually convert your video tapes and other media formats to digital files or DVD, and scan your photos to digital files, DVD, or CD.  By doing this you can have them in your possession with easy access to viewing and even sharing online. Keep in mind that when you decide to take the time to digitize your videos and photos, working with a professional company like Current Pixel offers a higher quality experience, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to some of your most precious memories.

At Current Pixel, compassionate specialists who care about your project will be there to support you through the process and will never outsource to third party companies. In fact,  all work is performed by Current Pixel staff, and will be working with your videos and pictures are every step of the way. Our specialists will even check in with you throughout the process if necessary to make sure you get the finished products you’ve been hoping for. This is not the experience you will have by sending your precious memories off to a warehouse assembly line.

Get In Touch With Current Pixel This Cold Season

The winter months can make it hard to keep old media types like videos, film, and photos safe from the cold and dry weather, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Take the time this season to call or visit Current Pixel to begin the relieving process of digitizing your memories and make sure your content remains safe and easily viewable for generations to come. Save space in your home, and take the worry out of your mind by digitizing with Current Pixel!