Where Can I Transfer 8mm Tape to DVD? | Current Pixel in Atlanta
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Are you searching for the best way to convert your 8mm tape to DVD in order to preserve memories or meaningful content? When you’re looking for a place to convert your 8mm tape—including Video8, Hi8, and Digital8—to DVD, you have multiple options.

Options for 8mm Video Transfer to DVD8mm Video Tape Transfer

You can find an online provider through an Internet search, go to a conventional retailer like Costco, Walmart or Walgreens, or even buy your own converter and try your luck with a DIY video transfer.

However, you can also choose to find a local specialist in video transfer services like Current Pixel. If you’re not sure where to turn, when you need expert services and an array of options for your DVDs, you can trust local companies like Current Pixel that have decades of experience.  These veteran companies provide you with custom 8mm video transfer services to deliver your memories safely, on a quality DVD and with personalized service to make sure you are completely happy with the result.

More About Current Pixel

Current Pixel has been in business since 1985—that’s over 32 years! We transfer tons of 8mm tapes every year and have many staff members who have decades of experience in the field. Rather than trust your memories with an impersonal online service or major retailer that outsources the work to a separate company, you can come in and meet us at Current Pixel, or call and speak to experts—or even the very technician working on your order.

Our technicians will be sure to reach out to you with any questions or suggestions they have about your transfer. Though this personal service may not seem like a big deal, you would never be able to work on your transfer personally and one-on-one with a technician at a major retailer because of the outsourcing they do. In fact, on many of their websites, they waive any responsibility for the quality of the transfer their partner company completes for you.

At Current Pixel, the people you talk to are the people actually doing the work. You will notice the difference between a major online service or retailer and a local expert company like Current Pixel. Contact us today and see the difference for yourself!