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VHS tapes are beloved in many homes, since they are filled with family memories and footage people would like to cherish for generations to come. However, VHS tapes are unable to stand the test of time that such memories require.

VHS to DVD Conversion Service

If you have VHS tapes in your home, chances are they are already in the process of deteriorating. Although they may remain watchable for the foreseeable future, VHS tapes tend to lose their quality, and old VHS players sometimes malfunction, ruining the tape, and have become difficult to find. In order to keep your memories safe from deterioration or any other unknown accident, you can convert your VHS tapes to DVD or digital files for safer storage and more convenient viewing.

At Current Pixel, we offer VHS and VHS-C conversion services to provide customers with DVDs and digital files of their most precious memories. All conversion services are performed by Current Pixel staff, and we never outsource to a third party. Our staff has decades of experience, and we use carefully selected technology and processes honed over many years to make sure you are happy with your converted memories and also receive top-notch customer service!

VHS to DVD Conversion Services

Current Pixel offers VHS to DVD conversion services that will help you preserve your memories for generations to come. Since the magnetic tape inside your VHS tapes deteriorates over time regardless of how you store them, converting your VHS tapes to archival DVDs will give your memories a shelf life of 100 years or more. Current Pixel can also convert your VHS tapes to digital files, which will allow you to store your footage on the Cloud or your devices and even share them with family and friends on social media.

VHS-C to DVD Conversion Services

We also have VHS-C to DVD conversion capabilities at Current Pixel. VHS-C tapes are the old tapes you might have that appear more compact and cassette-like than VHS tapes. These tapes were first launched in 1982 and were typically used to record home movies in camcorders and then played in a VCR using a VHS adapter.

Since VHS-C camcorders have been discontinued for many years, and technology to play these tapes is becoming obsolete, converting your VHS-C tapes to DVD or digital files is the only way to ensure they will stay safe from deterioration or disaster. At Current Pixel, we can convert your VHS-C tapes to DVD, digital files, or even CD so you can keep your memories safe for years to come.

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If you have VHS or VHS-C tapes you want to stand the test of time, contact Current Pixel to learn more about its video transfer services. Once you decide you want to convert your tapes to digital files or DVD, we’ll take it from there. No more worrying about losing your memories! We will make sure you have a personalized experience and end up with DVDs or digital files of your memories that you know will be convenient to watch and that  you can keep safe.