Media Conversion for Broadcast Companies & Content Creators
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If you’re a content creator of any kind and have been around for more than 10 years, you likely have footage that has slowly become outdated and is gathering dust somewhere or is difficult to view. That footage could be useful for your company’s growth or even for reviving past projects, so finding a way to digitize your content with a professional media conversion company could be a great move.

Organizational Video Transfer

Repurpose Old Content for New Purposes

At Current Pixel, we’ve noticed that many broadcast companies and content creators have large videotape libraries they would love to digitize. Luckily, Current Pixel is here to help local and large content creation businesses alike gain access to past content and organize it for future use. If you have old media formats you want to keep safe from deterioration, misplacement, or disaster, Current Pixel has a solution for you.

Whether you are part of a major broadcast company, a large content creator for schools or business, or have a small production company that creates content for a specific industry, Current Pixel can help you digitize old video formats into newer versions like DVD and digital files, so you have easier access to your footage. You can even put your digital files onto a computer or store them on the Cloud, so you can reinvigorate the space that your old media formats were taking up in your office or company warehouse.

Current Pixel can actually help you digitize everything from old sound recordings to photos and video formats, providing you with the tools you need to utilize past work for future growth. By digitizing your content, you will have the chance to provide your clients with a more updated version of important footage as well, ensuring that your company remains updated with the latest technology and remains at the forefront of your clients’ minds. Moreover, past projects can be important blueprints for what you can offer to your current and future clients, so having access to digital files can help your content creation company grow.

Contact Current Pixel for Your Media Conversion Needs

When you do decide to digitize your media library, consider Current Pixel. We have the expertise and updated equipment necessary to process orders both large and small, giving you the opportunity to gain immediate access to years of footage you thought you might have lost. All media conversion orders are completed by our experienced staff, and we never outsource to a third party. We’re happy to help content creators gain digital access to their content for years to come and make sure all that past hard work remains visible and usable for future goals.