How to Convert Video Tapes to Digital, Effortlessly | Current Pixel
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If you have tried to convert video tapes on your own using analog converter devices, you know what a headache and expense that can be. You need a good computer to handle processing and the size of your files, a capture card, and capture software, and the costs add up—not to mention the stress of trying to figure it out if you’ve never done it before.convert video tapes to digital

Although the DIY route might make sense if you have just a few tapes you want to digitize, but converting all your video tapes to digital can be much more than a hassle. Maybe you’re not even sure what format your tapes are in—VHS, MiniDV, U-Matic, Betamax? Luckily, Current Pixel offers a convenient and effortless solution. We can help you convert your video tapes to digital and take the stress completely off your hands.

Convert Video Tapes to Digital with Current Pixel

Current Pixel is a trusted media conversion company with decades of experience transferring all formats of video tapes to DVD and digital files. All conversion services are performed by our experienced staff, and we never outsource to a third party—customer service you will not receive when you send your tapes to a warehouse assembly line.

By trusting your video tapes to Current Pixel, you can take away the worry and work of transferring video tapes to digital by yourself. By utilizing our expertise and technology, our staff will make sure you have your video tape footage safe on digital files for you to access anytime!

Benefits of Converting Video Tapes to Digital

If you’ve tried transferring your video tapes to digital files, you likely already know the benefits of doing so. By converting video tapes to digital, you make sure your tapes are not deteriorating while gathering dust, rendering your memories and precious footage unwatchable after too much time goes by.

Digital files will allow you to keep your memories safe from harm or disaster since you can upload them to the Cloud and to an external hard drive for extra safety. Digital files are also easier to view at anytime on your computer or TV and even give you a chance to share your memories with friends and family on social media if you so choose! Stop the DIY stress, and contact Current Pixel today for your video transfer needs!